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Are you thinking of having some street or parking lot maintenance done?  Look no further. Ellison Sealcoating Pressure Washing offers a complete variety of services to meet and exceed your expectations without breaking the bank.
  • Industry best sealcoat using SEALCOAT GOLDCOAT HP #310 gives Ellison Sealcoating the edge over our competition in aesthetics, longevity, wear, protection and safety.
  • Striping, both new lot layout or striping existing lines.
  • Crack sealing using GoldFlex #615 Asphalt Crack and Joint Sealant spec'd materials and application methods.
  • Potholes begone.  Patching and asphalt repairs are done right.
  • Infrared patching 
Use the links on the top of the page for more information, price guarantee, service guarantee, or contact us for a free consultation and estimate.

We know driveways! Whether it's winter or summer, let the professionals take care of it so you don't have to.

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