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When a potential customer, client or business partner pulls into a business’s entrance, the condition of the parking lot is one of the first things they notice. If your lot has beautiful new stripes, it will look absolutely fantastic to all visitors. This is precisely the first impression that every business owner desires. A well-kept parking lot that is regularly maintained and improved with a fresh coat of paint shows that the property owner values his property as well as his relationships with others. Furthermore, a nicely marked lot serves to direct people around the parking space with ease. They’ll be able to easily identify parking spaces, crosswalks, loading zones, stop bars and so on.

Ellison Asphalt is here to boost the look and the functionality of your business’s parking lot. Depending on your preference, our stripers will establish new markings according to your blueprints or our own unique design. Or, we can re-stripe existing markings for improved visibility.

Key Considerations for Parking Lot Striping


Maximum Utility

Every business owner desires to make the most of his available space. If cars can’t enter the parking lot with ease and find an open space in a reasonable amount of time, the business will miss out on considerable revenue. With the proper layout and striping, your business can make the most of its space, no matter how limited it might be.

Enhanced Traffic Flow

Customers frown upon parking lots that impair the flow of traffic. If one cannot enter, park and leave in a quick and safe manner, they won’t patronize the business. All arrows, parking stalls, handicapped signs and other markings must be clearly visible to direct travelers in the most efficient manner possible.

Reserved Parking Spaces

Every lot requires ample designated parking spaces for customers, disabled individuals, employees and others. Consult with us and we’ll explore all of the necessary considerations before actually starting the work.

ADA Guidelines

In July of 1990, the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) became the law of the land. Each business is required to have a certain amount of space for handicapped individuals as well as spaces for van parking. Plenty of municipalities demand that newly built parking lots be striped according to the ADA’s standards before a permit is allowed to be issued. Additionally, these lots are required to have the legally required minimum amount of parking spaces for each 1,000 square feet of space.

Layout Choices

A functional parking lot should strive to maximize its number of stalls. While the 90 degree straight-in style permits the maximum number of stalls, most prefer the angled stalls of 45, 60 or 75 degrees. Straight-in stall designs are simple to lay out and stripe. An added benefit of this style is that it allows for two-way traffic. However, angled stalls ameliorate the vehicle maneuvering process. They also permit the easy control of a one-way traffic flow. The downside to such a design is that as the angle increases, more space is required.

Marking the Pavement


Ellison Asphalt works with the best possible materials and cutting edge equipment to perform pavement markings in the most efficient manner possible. All of our parking lot stripers are trained to implement highly specialized markings and signs for a myriad of parking lot designs.

Line Striping

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