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What a Quality Sealcoating can do for Your Pavement

Improved Aesthetics

Pavement that is covered with fresh sealant will appear brand new for much longer than you might anticipate. When clients customers, potential partners, and others pull into your freshly coated parking lot, they will undoubtedly feel better about doing business with you. In today’s world, image matters. Do not give the impression that you are unprofessional, lazy, or unable to maintain your property. Apply a new sealcoating on your pavement and you’ll portray a positive image of yourself, your property, and your business.

Hinders Oxidation and Water Exposure

Sealcoating serves to fill voids along the pavement surface. The result is a decreased susceptibility to UV rays, oxygen, and any sort of unsavory liquid that might reach the pavement. Furthermore, sealcoating functions as an excellent means of waterproofing to reduce the amount of water that seeps into the pavement. Surfaces that lack a sealcoating will be penetrated by water and suffer a damaging expansion and contraction of the pavement as temperatures change throughout the year.

Guards Against Oil and Gas Spillage

Consider all of the fluid leaks that drip out of vehicles onto your pavement. Fuel, oil, coolants and other liquids can easily drip out of vehicles, especially fuel tanks that are topped-off. These fluids can compromise the integrity of your pavement. We use sealcoatings that are mixed with special additives to prevent any potential negative impact caused by spills. * Note upon request Goldstar #341 SealCoat Defender is added at an additional cost.

Ease of Maintenance

Sealcoats do more than merely coat the surface of the pavement. They also function to fill in the gaps along the surface to prevent voids from expanding. Once your pavement is sealcoated, you will notice that it feels much more even and smooth. This level surface is quite easy to maintain throughout the year. Consider how much easier it will be to remove snow, ice, leaves, and other debris from a smooth surface compared to one with bumps. The difference is night and day.

Improved Flexibility

Sealcoating adds a very dark black hue to the pavement. We make it as dark as possible in order to help the surface absorb the sun’s hot rays. As the pavement increases in temperature, it becomes more pliable, helping it endure heavy traffic without divots, voids, and gaps.

Guards Against Pressure Washing

Parking lots outside of restaurants and plenty of other businesses typically extend all the way toward the spaces where dumpsters are located. Food-processing machines are commonly pressure washed in these spaces. Sometimes, leftover food accumulates around the dumpster and must be washed away. If the asphalt is not protected with a sealcoating, its integrity can be compromised during the pressure washing process. Pressure washing requires an extremely powerful burst of water and the use of damaging detergents. Don’t let these forces impact the quality of your pavement. A sealcoating is the solution you’ve been looking for.

An Economically Efficient Means of Protection

Sealcoating is undoubtedly the best way to preserve asphalt at an affordable price.

Easy Application

Once your pavement is prepared for application, the sealcoating can be applied with ease. We provide product specification sheets to help customers better understand the process and material being applied.

Sealcoating Advice

Sealcoating should only be applied when the temperature is 70 degrees Fahrenheit or higher. Traffic must be kept off the surface upwards of two and a half days after the sealcoating is applied. Additionally, sprinklers or other water sources should not be used in the area until two days have passed.

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